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Our Services

Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry treats dental tissue diseases (caries, trauma, staining, etc…).

To restore dental caries we have the composites, are biocompatible materials very similar in characteristics to the dental pieces.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are small devices (screws) made of titanium, which are inserted into the bone of the upper jaw or jaw, to supply the dental root.

Implants are attached to the bone through the phenomenon called osteintegration.

Dental Prostheses

Fixed prosthesis: The patient can not withdraw from the mouth. The support pillars are needed; Can be dental pieces or implants.
We use emax®,composed of metal-free ceramic that achieves highly aesthetic results.
Removable prosthesis: It is the one that the same patient can remove from the mouth.
A metal structure on which the teeth are supported.
Resin structure that fits perfectly to the contour of the gingiva.
FLEXITE Is a type of flexible removable prosthesis that provides comfort and good aesthetics.


Endodontics consists of removing the pulp (nerve) from the dental piece by cleaning meticulously the root canal, located in the dental root.

This treatment is performed under local anesthesia, it’s painless and allows to keep the tooth in place.

Orthodontics for
Children and Adults

Specialty in charge of the diagnosis and treatment of abnormalities in shape, position, relation and function of dento-maxillofacial structures.

Through orthodontic treatments we achieve good function and a pleasant aesthetic.

Various techniques with fixed or removable solutions are used. 

INVISALIGN  It is the invisible technique with Advanced Technology that allows us to correct all types of malocclusion in adults and children.

Currently it is the preferred technique of our patients for its comfort and aesthetics

& Prevention

Advanced periodontal disease poorly called “pyorrhea” progressively affects the periodontium (tooth supporting tissue), advancing from the most superficial (gingiva) to the deepest (bone) tissues.

In the early stages the gums appear inflamed and bleed “gingivitis” at this stage is a reversible disease.

Medicine &
Oral Surgery

It is the branch of odontoestomatology that studies and treats diseases that manifest in the oral cavity (tumors, oral lesions). As well as surgical interventions of the oral cavity extractions, tissue excisions, braces, etc …

Masticatory Dysfunctions
& Bruxism

The temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ) is the one that connects the mandible or lower jaw with the skull, allowing the opening and closing of the mouth, in addition to all the movements that are performed when eating, talking, gesticulating, swallowing, etc.

The joint can be altered, giving the following symptoms: pain, clicks or noises and intermittent blockages in the opening movements of the mouth. The treatment of these alterations is to place a plate or discharge splint in order to place the joint in rest potion and we improve the discomfort.

Dental Aesthetics

In our clinics we care a lot about dentofacial harmony and solve problems related to the various dental pathologies to achieve a perfect smile and dental functionality.

Internal and external Bleaching

Composite or porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Cases

Composite Inlays

Invisible Orthodontics

Facial Aesthetics

Lip Fill

We make this type of filling with latest generation materials such as NASHA (Restylane), enhancing smiles with fuller lips creating an ideal ratio between lip design and dental support. We get naturally beautiful lips.

Nasogenian Groove Fillers

Improves expression, producing hydration of the skin at the same time as wrinkle erasure effect.

Filling in the perioral area for fine wrinkles

Clean lines and better skin quality are achieved by improving hydration.

Our Team

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